Recuerda que contamos con platos especiales para todo tipo de ocasiones como: El Dìa de los Enamorados, Cuaresma, Dìa de las Madres, Dìa del Padre, Navidad, Fin de Año, etc.

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MY REVIEW: Out of the many countless times I have visited HOuston, who would have thought that a Colombian resturant of all places would steal my heart?

Ambience is not too bad, reminds me of alot of typical latin resturants. FOr sure the forte of this place is the flavor of the food.

I beg to differ on the beans, I thought they were perfect and they were made exactly as my mother would have made them back in the Dominican Republic. Also, they have fresh squeezed Passion Fruit juice. It has to be the most divine bevrage available in Houston. Fried sweet plantain to top it off.

this place is truly an awesome knockout!

NAME: Kevin C.
SUBMITTED: 2/19/2008
MY REVIEW: One of the best "calentados" I've ever had. If they were in Colombia I still would go.

NAME: Juan Valdez
SUBMITTED: 2/11/2006
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